In September of 2015, I took a trip to Scotland...

And it was the first place in the world where everything down to my very bones felt like I belonged. Like I was supposed to be there, and I was a part of the earth there. It was in Scotland, standing on the top of a hill after a hike, that I looked out over a nearby loch and decided to rebrand my photography business as Loch Evergreen Photo & Film. The new name was launched in January 2016, and was a turning point for my company.

I first began my work as a professional photographer in July of 2012 as a side hobby and a way of helping myself through university. It has since grown into a steady job and passion of mine, and has lead me to finding my truly deep passion of entrepreneurship and marketing. While I am still allowing this newfound love to flourish and grow before I really take hold of it, I am looking forward to moving more of my photo & film into the business sector of Dawson Creek, BC. 

Follow along as I delve deeper into my purpose, and hopefully assist you in finding yours.